My treatments have always had an intuitive aspect to them. I’ve just known where to direct my treatment. Many clients have said I have magic hands. Now I am offering specific services utilising my skills and ability to assist you with your healing.


Body Scans are done remotely. With the permission you give by booking a body scan, I ask my spirit guide to connect to yours and show me anything that I need to see.

I record your Body Scan as I work with Spirit and am made aware of any underlying health conditions. I also seek guidance from Spirit as to what can be done to improve, or create balance, with that particular concern. These may be physical, emotional or energetic matters

Spirit will only show me the things that need to be raised at that time. There may be conditions that you are already managing and so I may not be shown these as they are under control.

After the reading is complete I will send you through a copy of the body scan and everything discussed. The information you receive will include suggestions and it is always recommended that you follow up with the appropriate medical professional.

From there you may wish to book a strategy session or a combined treatment and strategy session. There is also an option to bundle these with the body scan. All bundle options are shown below.


Strategy sessions are available as a follow up to a body scan. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss the scan and look at the way forward in terms of treatments, people you should be speaking to and any changes you may need to consider in your life.

The strategy session will be held via Zoom and be for 30-40mins. Alternatively, if you are able to attend the clinic in the Hawkesbury, you can combine a strategy session with a myotherapy consultation which will take 60mins.

During this session we will discuss the body scan and what came up. There may be information that you wish to share in relation to what I picked up.

We will discuss a plan for moving forward in order to address these things and ultimately improve your health.

These strategies may include making changes to your lifestyle, seeking physical treatment, looking at nutrition or even simply how you think about particular circumstances in your life.

Once you purchase your strategy session you will receive an email that will allow you to book a time



Not available yet, but in future energy healing will also be offered

Body scan

Body Scan booking

Intro price $45; normally $60

Strategy Session


Body Scan and Strategy session bundle

Intro price $90; normally $105

Myotherapy treatment and Strategy session


Body Scan and Myotherapy and Strategy session bundle

Intro price $125; normally $140

Health fund rebates are only available on treatment sessions, not body scan and strategy sessions


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