Have you ever carried a child for long periods and always on the same side? I’ve got 2 to lug around now and I know how my back pain can certain hit me from doing so

Do you play a sport that has repetitive movements in one direction? Golf, bowling, cricket

Does your work have you doing a repetitive movement that has you leaning towards on side such as shovelling? Sitting at a desk all day in front of the computer using your mouse

There’s a chance you may develop scoliosis. But don’t worry, scoliosis and back pain can be resolved. The best part is that it doesn’t require surgery.

Scoliosis and back pain

Scoliotic spine versus normal spine curvatures

The spine has 3 natural curves which form an ‘s’ shape from the front to back. Sometimes people develop a curve that goes side to side and this is referred to as scoliosis. Some medical professionals are quick to say that scoliosis cannot be fixed unless you have surgery however they are believing that scoliosis is only ever structural. Scoliosis can also be functional. Functional scoliosis is temporary and treatable through soft tissue therapy and corrective exercise. It develops from external factors impacting on the spine. This could be poor posture, repetitive movements, carrying a load on one side all the time. Myotherapy can assist by:

  • treating the muscles that have been placed in a shortened position,
  • providing exercises that will strengthen the muscles that have been weakened and
  • providing advice on how to ensure your functional scoliosis doesn’t return.

Soft tissue work, exercises and stretches can all help with resolving functional scoliosis and back pain. Book an appointment with us today to see how we can help you with your low back issues Book Online